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    • Builds Muscle (1)
    • Sensitve Nipples (1)
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    December 17, 2012
    Overall: 4 | Effectiveness: 4 | Value: 4


    Reviews: 1

    Age: 21

    December 17, 2012
     I tried this about 5 months ago. I had tried Ultradrol from Antaeus Labs so my buddy and I thought we would give Antaeus Labs Mechabol a shot. We made a terrible mistake. Ultradrol was great, never should have turned away from a good product. Mechabol gave us some strength gains but nothing drastic like we had hoped (this was probably our 4th or 5th time doing a pro cycle) About two and a half or three weeks in we both began to get sensitive nipples and growths behind them that almost felt like calcium deposits. The growths remained small, little smaller than a pea, but when i say sensitive I mean SENSATIVE. I'm not one to shy away from pain either I have pierced my nipples myself several times just for the hell of it and the endorphine rush but this was bad. I work construction and it go to the point where just pushing up against the side of my truck to grab a tool from the bed hurt. To me, the limited strengths gains weren't worth the sides. We both ran PCT's.. i think titanium.. and kept most of our strength but as I am writing this I still have some sensitivity left (5 months later) but it is going away slowly. Maybe if you stack with an anti estrogen like tamofixin youll be good to go?? cant say for sure didnt try it. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask questions I will answer as often as possible.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Sensitve Nipples
    Reply #1:

    Joined: 7/2011
    Reviews: 6
    Reputation: +172
    No offense, bro, but that was PAINFUL to read. Those painful calcium deposits? Those are were gyno, and they don't just go away.

    Also tamoxifen, or Nolvadex, is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, or SERM, not an AI. This lack of knowledge implies to me that you have never used a SERM in your "four or five" cycles, and before the age of 21to boot. For your own good, visit a endocrinologist.

    Reply #2:

    Joined: 1/2011
    Reviews: 77
    Reputation: +3345
    Your pct was nonexistant and you probably dosed too low to see good results, which is lucky for you since your pct was nonexistant. Did I mention that?

    Reply #3:

    Joined: 11/2011
    Reviews: 49
    Reputation: +1326
    You also took Ultradrol which is much more toxic than this, and you probably didn't do a PCT.

    I would highly recommend getting to a doctor Asap.

    Reply #4:

    Joined: 6/2011
    Reviews: 0
    Reputation: +1348
    Love me some tamofixin...

    Reply #5:

    Joined: 5/2011
    Reviews: 21
    Reputation: +126

    Reply #6:

    Joined: 1/2012
    Reviews: 4
    Reputation: +11
    I kinda hope this is a troll. Besides I've only heard good things of Mechabol; sadly it was discontinued :(

    Reply #7:

    Joined: 1/2011
    Reviews: 78
    Reputation: +2483
    Hey look! This stuff builds muscle!..

    ^^ this is what others like him will get from this.

    Reply #8:

    Joined: 12/2012
    Reviews: 1
    Reputation: -10
    No disrespect to anyone but this was not the first Pro Ive tried but this was the only one I had problems with. youre welcome to take my review however you want

    Reply #9:

    Joined: 12/2012
    Reviews: 1
    Reputation: -10
    ironjax - I know tamoxifen is a SERM i was suggesting running it with it to block your receptors and prevent gyno.

    Reply #10:

    Joined: 1/2013
    Reviews: 2
    Reputation: -2
    WOW !! This guy's review should be pulled.

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