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American Cellular TT-40 Xtreme

TT-40 Xtreme American Cellular User Rating: (2 Reviews)

Review Authenticity: 18% (Mistrusted)
This product has been reported as discontinued.

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    TT-40 Xtreme Reviews:
    • Increased Strength (1)
    • Increased Energy (1)
    • Bad Achne (1)
    • Too Expensive (1)
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    August 7, 2009
    Overall: 6 | Effectiveness: 6 | Value: 6


    Reviews: 1

    Age: 47

    August 7, 2009
     Broke out in Hives the next morning after using the 3 time.My doctor thought it had to do with stress.Used again 3 months later, same thing happened.Hives take about 1-2 weeks to go away.Not good for your sex life...
    June 8, 2009
    Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 9


    Reviews: 2

    Age: 25

    June 8, 2009
     I personally like this product Ive gained about 18 pounds of solid muscle on a 8 week cycle. Ive been off for about 3 weeks and havent lost what I gained. Big side affect for me was joint and back pains when I started but going on my second bottle no more joint and back pains. And Oh yeah its a little exspensive..

    Have you used TT-40 Xtreme? Submit your own Review!