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Trust: 48%

I highly recommend this to anyone

Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 9

Supplementing with CLA has been shown in studies to help reduce body fat by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL). This enzyme transfers fats from the bloodstream to the fat cells. As a result of the decreased enzyme activity the transport of fat into fat cells is blocked. At the same time CLA also stimulates the breakdown of stored body fat (lipolysis). AllMax CLA formula certainly doesn't disappoint with these goals.

I've really transformed my body while taking AllMax CLA. It helped me with cutting weight so fast, the stuff cut fat like crazy. Anyone who is looking to lose weight and shape their body can take CLA. CLA is ideal for both men and women who want that added weight loss edge.

It comes in a soft gel capsule, so unless you are chewing it (for whatever reason) then you shouldn't have any taste issues.

As long as you are taking the recommended dosage of CLA you shouldn't experience any side effects, I haven't. CLA is safe to take and free of any known side effects when consumed according to the label.

CLA is iddeal for any type of training. Whether you're cutting or lean bulking, CLA is a great fit in any stack and is a staple in mine.

I highly recommend this to anyone.
  • Good For Cutting
  • Good For Lean Bulk
  • Easy To Take
  • Good Value

    Trust: 100%

    Posted March 5, 2011
    what was the grams per pill

    Trust: 48%

    Posted March 5, 2011
    Serving Size: 1 softgel
    Servings Per Container: 90

    1000mg per softgel (95% Active isomers)

    Trust: 100%

    Posted March 5, 2011
    thats good i usally dont get any cla unless its at least 1g per pill. what did u pay for it?

    Trust: 48%

    Posted March 5, 2011
    I pay $30.00 Canadian. I'm not sure what the rate is right now in American dollars.