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    January 9, 2013
    Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 8


    Reviews: 3

    Age: 34

    January 9, 2013
     Alright so I'm not a seasoned review writer so I'm going to put this in layman's terms.
    I have been seeing Mass Drops on a particular site where I purchase my supps from for a while now so after having 2 right shoulder surgeries in the past year I was eager to get back into the gym and true form. I grabbed my first bottle about 3 months ago and REALLY liked what I saw.
    Naturally after 2 surgeries and no workouts for about 9 months, I was pretty weak. For example: my bench had gone from a 325lb max to having a lot of trouble working with 135lb.
    So I hit the gym like normal; 1 body part a day, 1x per day. i.e. Mon.-Chest, Tues.-Back, Weds.-Shoulders...etc
    Diet consisted of High Protein, High Fiber, Low Carb.
    Within the 1st month I saw huge gains! Bench went back up to about 275lb (comfortable), Shoulder press up from 40lb dumbbells to 75lb, Deadlift from 225lb to 315lb. A lot of this is probably due to muscle memory but the focus, aggressiveness, strength/energy that I was experiencing prompted me to grab another bottle of this product. My gains continued!
    During the 2nd cycle I saw my body really beginning to take form again. ALL of my lifts continued to climb. I began to hit the gym 2x per day. Farmers carries skyrocketed from 100lb dumbbells for 40 yrds to putting 405lbs on a shrug apparatus and carrying for 40 yrds. Bench continued to climb to 315lb; Incline dumbbells to 100lbs; Shoulder Press to 85lbs.
    I then took 2-3 weeks off the supp. but grabbed another bottle. Here's where I stand now:
    Bench- 370lbs (1 rep max)
    Deadlift- 485lbs (1 rep max)
    Shoulder Press DB- 105lbs (6 reps)
    Barbell Curl- 155lbs (6-8 reps)
    One arm rows- 115lbs (4 sets;10 reps)
    Bent-over rows- 265lbs (8 reps)
    Leg Press- 550lbs
    Farmers-605lbs for 20 yrds
    The side effects on this product were minimal. I did experience some slight mood swings and irritability but nothing more than if I had ingested too much caffeine. My biggest issue was the back pumps which I got. Horrible at times, to where I felt as though I had a pinched nerve. But when I would go off of the supp. the pain would subside.
    The taste was comparable to taking a dropper full of nail polish remover. But considering the nature of the supp. and the desired effects which I was going for, that was a small price to pay.
    I have to note that I stacked this supplement w/Forerunner 5-Alpha Test and also took a Pre-workout(C-4) and Post(Body Motar)
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value
    • Bad Taste
    Reply #1:

    Joined: 6/2010
    Reviews: 55
    Reputation: +2374
    Thanks for the review! Glad it worked for you. I am actually gearing up to run this exact cycle.

    Reply #2:

    Joined: 9/2012
    Reviews: 3
    Reputation: +14
    I really liked the results that I've seen from this product. I've never been a big PH guy since I've been a collegiate athlete and in the Marine Corps and couldn't partake in them. I've also been kind of suspect of the validity of reports of what you can gain from them vs. some of the reported sides. But I'm happy with where I'm at and where I'm going and will/do recommend this product to those looking to go to a whole new level.

    Reply #3:

    Joined: 6/2010
    Reviews: 55
    Reputation: +2374
    Nice! FlashSunday and I do a lot of contests and give-aways here at SR. Keep a lookout!

    Reply #4:

    Joined: 3/2010
    Reviews: 27
    Reputation: +768
    I was looking at this the other day. Thanks for the review.

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